Following Supercuts leads to new discoveries

All I wanted was a haircut!  This post starts what will turn out to be a series of articles that shows how easily one thing can lead to another.  It all lead to a lot of drama (so you will “hear” me being hissy at times) but it has also enabled me to talk about a bunch of business relationships that mean more to me now than they did before this all started!

Interior of Nu’uanu Supercuts

As I said, I needed a hair cut.  Here comes hissy fit #1 — I have a thing about my hair and have been irritated by some of the horrible things that the so-called experts have done to it over time.  I have found one person, the only person, which I trust to cut my hair.  Her name is Deloris; she works for Supercuts.  My hair likes her, it grows better after seeing her, and she doesn’t rip, tease, or strip the poor thing — she just washes, conditions, and cuts.  Simple!

Nu’uanu Supercuts

Deloris was working at the Nu’uanu Supercuts.  She moved.  See, Walgreens is reportedly moving into the little shopping center known to us as Nu’uanu Shopping Plaza so it’s only a matter of time before we lose all of the little shops and businesses there.  As a matter of principle, I will probably never shop at that location.  I guess I have to call this hissy fit #2!  This is just my personal boycott — I haven’t been in any Walgreens since they moved to Hawai’i, and maybe I never will after having them over run Nu’uanu Shopping Plaza.

Nu’uanu Shopping Plaza sign

Give me a break, Longs Drugs is less than a mile away in one direction and slightly over a mile in the other direction!  We lost Huckleberry Farms (my favorite health food store) for Walgreens?!?  These Walgreens people can paint their walls green all they want, but it won’t be with any of my money!  Huckleberry Farm is gone.  Hungry lion is gone.  TCBY Yogurt is gone.  The remaining few will probably all be going too.

Okay, back to the hair.  Now, a lot of people have that one person that cuts and/or styles their hair and they refuse to go to any other.  Those who can relate to this know I would have to find my Deloris!  Where did she go?!?  Nu’uanu Supercuts said she went to the Supercuts in Mililani.  “Where?!?  Do you have a phone number?”  I got the phone number, called it and got Deloris herself on the phone.  Whew!  “Where are you?  But I always get lost in Mililani!”  She gave me directions and told me it was easy.  Uh huh. Okay, I found it.  Landmark = Ruby Tuesday.  I’ve been there, I can find it.

Supercuts, Mililani Newtown Center

I found it — right between Genki Ramen and Subway.  I found Deloris.  I got my hair cut.  I feel better about that Mililani drive. This location of Supercuts is clean, comfortable, and so very familiar.  Ahhhhh, I’m content.  Leaving Supercuts I glance at the stores across the way — “Gasp!”  There’s a Borders!”  I suddenly like this shopping center a lot!

Mom and I will have to make a day of this place to check it out more thoroughly!  Town Center of Mililani is our newest place to peruse.  This completes the opening of the series of posts to follow soon.

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