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My cousin has been having legal difficulties and I ran across this thing that I really think is worth talking about. This looks like something that would definitely alleviate some of the anxiety of being in the middle of any kind of court drama.

We all know the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions legal issues, law suits and the like — money! It’s all about the money! It’s unfortunate but all too true. There is a business called Law Max that will actually help alleviate some of the financial concerns by fronting some money based on the anticipated outcome of your lawsuit or court case. I was stunned to see a company actually offer commercial lawsuit financing — they will actually send you, and/or your attorney, an advance based on your anticipated settlement.

I have to admit that when I saw the term “Commercial Lawsuit Financing,” I was concerned that they might only be set up to assist companies or corporations with their legal battles. But, as it turns out, they not only offer this service for corporations, but for individuals as well! Of course your attorney will have to send them your case documents for their review and to get their approval but if it means having yet another set of eyes looking at the strength of your case and an advance of some much-needed funds, I think this company would certainly be worth investigating!

I had to look into it a little deeper before giving this site too much credit. I was pleasantly surprised and, to be honest, shocked that anyone would provide such a service. The thought of courts and legal drama makes me cringe! This just looks like something to help ease at least some of the anguish. I’ve added this to my bookmarks (Favorites) just in case, and so I don’t have to try to find them again!

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