Local Pride of the Island

1st Annual Bike Show

Kapiolani Community College was the location for this event brought to you by Ollie Boy Productions. This is how my mother and I spent our first Sunday in July — we went to see what this was all about. It was something different and something… well, bloggable. I do have to admit that after just coming from church it was a little bit of a culture shock. It was slightly intimidating, I’ll admit that too. It only took a while to figure out that the camera was a lot more intimidating to everyone else!

Putting all of that aside, you’ve got to be taken by the artistry of some of the paint jobs on the vehicles that were present for this event. This blue bike, below, used to be black. It was painted a lovely shade of candy blue with flames and marbled accents. This bike was on display as a demo for the paint job and art work done by Cycledelic. This vendor, sponsor, participant, whatever, is located in Mapunapuna and reachable at 808-741-8989.

Blue bike with metal saddle bags

It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining and the tradewinds were ever-present. However, the trades only worked if you were in the shade. The sun was scorching hot! We started on a little trek around the field where the bikes, vendors and sponsors were all set up.

I had no idea that this show was going to be outside because I had never been to one. Mom was the first one to see something she liked. “Oh that’s a pretty one!”

Teal bike in the trike class

This was a teal-colored bike entered in the trike class. The bulk of pictures included in this post are of bikes that were entered in different classes to be judged. Judging must have been difficult but, to me, it’s all a matter of personal taste. The paint jobs with their colors and the artistic achievement were what caught the eye. I’m sure that the judges were looking for much more than that however.

Red motorcycle

Red is always an eye-catcher and this one stood out from the crowd. Going back to the personal taste thing, this bike was a little too scary-close to the ground for my taste — but it was nice to look at! The overall impact of the frame, for me, was fear. Okay, it was actually me just being a coward. Let’s look at more of them while I keep talking.

Bike with Indian-design paint job

A lot of work went into this paint job. I liked the Indian headdress idea for the fenders! That was pretty cool.

Bike called the Flying Hawaiian

How can we get through a bike show in Honolulu without at least one bike having a local title? The name painted on this one was the Flying Hawaiian. That works.

Unless you’re an enthusiast, what?s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the word motorcycle? Danger? Probably. That danger is both for the riders, and danger for you if you get too close. Okay, the latter is the mystique that the riders carry.

The reality, at least the way I see it, is that with the price of gas and with the number of baby boomers who are now reaching “that age,” there are more and more bikes on the road nowadays. So, let?s make them part of our culture, shall we? Are they scary? In the movies. Are riders dangerous? If you damage their bikes they might will be!

Bike show enthusiasts and curious spectators

My mother sat comfortably in the shade while I ran around getting a few pictures of these colorful entries. It didn’t seem to phase her that she was sitting next to one of those scary, ever-so-dangerous, tattooed bikers. It didn’t bother her. Later that afternoon I said to her in an amused, sarcastic tone of voice, “Gee, I guess they’re real dangerous, huh Mom?” She quietly responded, “I guess not.” Uh huh. Moving on…

Brightly colored chartreuse bike

This particular shade of green is always a shock to the senses. This was a very attractive entry. I wasn’t able to stick around long enough to hear the results of the judging. I’m hoping that someone else who was there, maybe one of the vendors, will be able to tell us how the placing went by leaving a comment and letting us know. With my luck it was probably a bike that I didn’t even get a picture of. Tsk!

Bike with blonde female painted on gas tank

There has to be at least one vehicle with a woman painted on it. Since the bulk of bike owners and enthusiasts are men, this is no surprise. That being said, I will continue with my amateur psychoanalysis.

People may say that it’s “a guy thing” but I’ve got news for them! The ladies are just as fascinated by these things. Some of us are fascinated by the whole picture because we ?get it.? I understand the need for speed and I understand the need for independence and freedom. I ?get it.? Being part of something bigger, something to feed the ego, something to restore personal pride, self-discovery and individuality? I ?get it.? Pssst… I’m at “that age” too!

Bike with Southwestern-looking paint job

Here?s a good example. This is a nice looking machine. To the untrained observer, like me, it has a powerful look, a nice leather seat and a nice paint job, all of which give this bike a nice Southwestern flair. Okay, now check the license plate?MY JRNY. Assuming that stands for My Journey, then I can safely say, “I rest my case.” My husband hates it when I say that. If the owner of this bike sees this, whether you’re male or female, if I’m wrong please tell me. Then you can tell us the real story!

Hey, I watch reality T.V. just like everyone else and I know that the family members, and staff, on American Chopper, for example, have issues! The story of their drama is often more fascinating than the bike builds they do. Well, except for maybe the Go Daddy.com build! Just throwing in a little bit of personal preference and customer loyalty there.

Of course there are those women who use opportunities like this to take pictures of themselves in, shall we say, somewhat suggestive poses. Yes, there were some of those there too. They have a different agenda, something other than admiring the bikes. I watched the whole posing thing with mild interest and thought that their moving from bike to bike and posing for pictures was a little brazen and presumptuous. Since nobody, owners or otherwise, stepped forward to complain, I guess it was to be expected, or at least tolerated.

Detailing kits for sale

These ladies were selling car wash/auto detailing kits. Simply the Best was the visible label. They were nice, friendly and very receptive to questions. I mentioned how much I thought the change to this bike’s appearance was making their product look good.

Detailing bike on site at the show

Their response was that their product was making the bike look good! Uh, good point. No matter how you look at it, the product obviously worked and there were enough eager polishers there that they should have been able to sell a lot of this stuff! I will add their email address later once I confirm that I have the right one!

The paint jobs done on many of the items were really something to talk about. There were a lot of interesting things to admire. This gas tank with the koi was attractive and looked almost like you were looking at these fish through water; it was a nice effect.

Koi painted on bike gas tank

There were other parts and things that attracted my eye… um, until I saw what they were. For example, these nice fenders were attractive, especially the green one. The shade of green was sharp and vibrant. I couldn?t help but think, ?Oh, that character looks like Vampirella!? It wasn’t.

Vampi was my favorite comic as I was growing up. Horror comics are not necessarily the greatest thing for young people, but I loved her. She was a powerful, extremely attractive female, a bitch by nature, and a woman with a caring heart who only attacked those who threatened either her or the ones she loved. What can I say? She was the perfect woman! Her required diet was not one that I would choose for myself but, aside from that, she was perfect.

Classic Air painted bike fenders

After getting closer to this eye-catching fender, I realized that the pretty woman painted on that fender was carrying a severed head by the hair. Gulp! Yech! ?Why?? The person manning the booth didn’t know why but when the painter returned he made sure to point out to the painter that I wanted to know. (He obviously wanted to know too!) What was the artist’s response? That it was his wife’s idea. What was my response to that? “What did you do to her?!?”

Painted bike with flames on tank and fenders

For me personally, I can do without the skulls that bikers seem to be so fond of, but the scorpions were done in very intricate detail. I think it’s the shock value of these things, to be honest. Much like Madonna and others in the artistic world, you do what will rattle people. Well, I’m talking about the art work here. Did it work? Apparently so. The bike above was painted by that same artist. Classic Air Hawaii is their home and they also do “Custom Fabrication and Welding on Motorcycles.”

Tat's Shaved Ice truck

Now that we’re done with the shock factor, let’s finish the walk around the sidewalk area to see the other vendors. After I retrieved Mom from the tent where she was hiding from the sun we started to walk around but had to get something cold. Hey, shaved ice. These guys made huge shaved ice! Hmmm… interesting name.

Airbrush Hawaii

Here Airbrush Hawaii had a lot of their artwork on view and for sale. I love the mailboxes and the bright colors on all of the items!

Towing trailer for motorcycles

I thought this was pretty neat. Iron Horse Towing Hawaii — I guess bikes need to be towed or moved from place to place from time to time.


Another thing that bikes need is a good charging system. Who hasn’t had that sick feeling of a dead battery when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere?

Bikers Choice reps are in Hawaii

Lucas Oil giant bottle

I did a little searching and found a note that Tucker Rocky and Biker’s Choice have a representative that can be located or contacted through Omega Pacific at phone number 808-263-4212. I’m not sure about the age or accuracy of this information, but there it is.

Some of the vendors were interesting or their props were. I understood this vendor being present. Just like cars, motorcycles need oil. I’m not at all familiar with this brand but I’m sure the bike owners are. I liked the 12-foot tall bottle towering over their tent.

That height is a guess on my part but I’m pretty sure it’s close and maybe even taller.

Lucas Oil products

What I didn’t quite understand was the vendor next to them. I was very grateful for the Bull Frog sunblock because the sun, like I said, was scorching! I did find out, by the way, that this product works very well and they sell it at Don Quixote, fka Daiei. But, I didn’t understand, and the last thing I expected to see, was Ricola. Well, a sponsor’s a sponsor, right?

Ricola and BullFrog sunblock

I’m not sure how much Red Bull product there was but someone was smart enough to bring a cool tent to protect people from the heat!

Red Bull tent

Pictured below is a classic case of not knowing what you’re looking at. These Pure Breed guys are a pretty cool clothing company with a much-welcome, local line. I could have picked up at least two shirts if had just known what I was standing next to. My fault, not theirs. I know now! I’ll catch them next time — I have got to get this shirt!

PureBreed booth

Moving right along we run into several more vendors. Okay, there’s that skull again. This looks like a nice couple. I had to ask about the mobile service. Unlike the mobile auto repair people, these guys don’t fix the bike at your house, they take it, fix it, and then deliver it back to you when it’s done. The point is, they still come to you!

Mobile Cycle Company

This sounds like a good deal to me, especially if your bike just won’t start. Keep this contact taped on the fridge! Phone: 808-295-1759 and Email: th504@hotmail.com

Then we ran into more clothes! No H8ters Clothing, Inc. — I’m not sure what the story is behind this company but maybe they’ll let us know if they visit.

No H8ters Inc booth

With all the hoopla over the motorcycles, we can’t just forget about the mopeds!

Moped Cycle Imports

Moped with extreme paint job

So their paint job has to be all that much more extreme to make up for their size?!?

As you can see in the photo above, Cycle Imports had a few at the show. Of course not all of them were embellished like this little guy. They just had regular, albeit nice, paint jobs.

The show was scheduled to run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. That’s a long time for the participants!

There’s one thing that a show of this kind, or any kind, needs and that’s food! There were vendors there with that too!

Grilled Hawaiian Steak

I didn’t have any of this Hawaiian Steak. I was too busy taking in all of the interesting things to see. Now I wish I had tried some! I’m sure they’ll be at other events.

Sushi On Wheels booth

If you’re at a function in Hawaii, there’s got to be at least one person selling sushi. Here’s an on-site, sushi caterer!

Cycledelic tent with painted helmets

Cycledelic (located at 770C Mapunapuna Street, 808-741-8989) was there with the other vendors and, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, they put their artistic hand to the blue bike at the top of this piece. I was glad to see that someone is still taking the time to work with the traditional helmets that actually do provide some protection for riders!

Here?s a little more reality: when the news announcer says automobile accident involving a motorcycle, it?s not a surprise anymore. The surprising thing to hear is that the rider survived. Warning: Lecture to Follow. Now, I know this is gonna get a lot of you irritated with me, but I would feel that I was being irresponsible if I didn’t say anything. Those traditional helmets can look hot too!

Actually, anything is better than looking like you just got off the set of Hogan?s Heroes with those beanie-looking things that some people are wearing now. Guess what? I saw the test results — those beanies provide little to no protection!

Ladies, the helmets work for you too. There?s nothing like all eyes being on a bike only to find out that the rider is female! How sexy is that? Come on, work with me people! ?Look twice, save a life? isn?t good enough. Sometimes twice is not enough. Attracting attention on the freeway isn?t good for anyone? it could get you killed. Lecture over. I wouldn?t say anything if I didn?t care! So, are you irritated now? Get over it!

Kau Inoa signing up Hawaiians

Kau Inoa was there too. This is the organization that is aiming to register all native Hawaiians, at home and abroad, in order to complete a database with a head count to meet Federal regulations to qualify for benefits and/or recognition, and to establish a credible presence. If this is wrong or incomplete, you’re all welcome to correct me on this!

Wrapping up this post we will close with the Odyssey Tattoo Gallery. Their shop offered the pre-sale of tickets for this event and here they are in attendance. Odyssey was obviously a supporter. Where there’s bikes there’s tattoos. It’s a given. Most of the time. I think.

Odyssey Tattoo Gallery banner

Odyssey Tattoo sign

Since we touched on the reality T.V. thing here when I mentioned American Chopper, we’ll talk about tattoos in a later post, I promise. Count on it!? I hope to see a lot of people at this show next year! I hope it’s crowded and populated with people all day long ? riders and admirers, with checkbooks!

For the short amount of time that we were there, I thought this show was pretty good for being a 1st Annual! Now, for the success of this show next year, the survival of all participants is paramount. At least think about the helmets. Alright, alright, I’ll shut-up about it. Thanks gang and see ya next year!

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  • 1 henry agbayani // Jul 11, 2007 at 9:13 am

    thanks for the plug, but you should of at least let me know to turn around for the picture…lol.
    love how you link my site to the article.

    aloha and mahalo,


  • 2 Evelyn // Jul 11, 2007 at 10:08 am

    Thanks, Henry! I wish I was paying more attention to what your stuff looked like. 🙁 Some of it is so nice! Christmas shopping! Au’ryte! 🙂 (I actually have family members that say that… and it’s contagious too!) By the way… which bikes won?

  • 3 Debo Hobo // Jul 12, 2007 at 10:35 am

    Wow that looks like really cool fun!

  • 4 Evelyn // Jul 12, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    Hey Debo!

    I’m glad you stopped by. Just like anything else, the entertainment is in the passion of the participants! They so love what they do that, be it hobby or business, you can’t help but be caught up in it too. Sort of like a football game!

    You’re right, even if you’re outside of your element, supporting their passion by attending the function is fun! It’s a people-watching experience for sure!

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  • 6 Bob // Jul 16, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    The Green Harley Davidson Fatboy with the Indian design is my ride. Yes, the plate stands for MY Journey…I have always believed in the philosophy long attributed to the Native Americans, that “Life is a Journey…the lesson isn’t in the end, but in the Journey itself”. I am just about to start another leg of my journey with a trip to Sturgis SD this year…and then a year deployment to the desert. Thanks for showing my ride “My Journey” on your web site…the show was awesome!! Keep it shiny side up and hope to see you on the trail of life someday! Peace…


  • 7 Evelyn // Jul 16, 2007 at 11:14 pm

    Thank you, Bob, for joining in and letting us know about what was behind that plate! Your bike was one of the ones that caught my attention and I’m sure it caught the attention of others!

    I saw a National Geographic episode where they talked about Sturgis. That’s a Journey in itself! Good luck to you and I hope it’s a great year for that event! 🙂

  • 8 Kimo // Jul 17, 2007 at 10:16 am

    FINALLY, it has arrived, a great bike event!

    Ollie Boy, you did it right, Mahalo!

    I hope this becomes a traditional event that will indure the tests in all time participation.

    See ya’ll next year, can’t wait.

  • 9 Evelyn // Jul 17, 2007 at 5:10 pm

    It would be great to have this become a traditional event! Thank you, Kimo, for visiting and for leaving your comment! I hope there will be more participants, more vendors, and more visitors!

    Maybe people will plan their vacations around it! Okay, maybe that’s thinking a little too big. It would still be neat though!

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