Running, Photo Ops and Getting Myself Into Trouble

I went running in the vicinity of John Dominis, as I do now and then — because I’ve measured the distance. I had an additional, ulterior motive this past Saturday. I knew that a representative group of Honolulu’s Flickr users would be there and I wanted to pop in on them to see what the camera lovers were up to! For the most part, they were talking about technology and things like Twitter, etc.

There were a lot of different cameras and some people even had two cameras with them, or maybe even more! I have to give the nod to these people because, unlike seasoned camera buffs, I have to lean on the camera makers to keep my photo taking functional.

Between my bad eyesight and my need for the added stability provided by digital technologies like Sony’s Super SteadyShot, I need them to keep me in focus and free from additional blur. So far, Sony is doing a very good job!

Anyway, as they were sharing stories, the word Superferry came out and guess what the photo op of the day was? You got it!

SuperFerry returning to Oahu from Maui

I was apparently a little disoriented because it seemed to be coming in a little closer to shore sooner than I thought it should. I honestly thought we were further away from it’s normal docking location.

SuperFerry close to shore

No, it’s not going to hit the wall, but, like I said, it sure looked a lot closer a lot sooner than I thought it would!

People taking pictures of the SuperFerryPart of what I learned about the Flickr group is that one of the things they like to do is take pictures of people taking pictures.

So, I did just that! 🙂

After I left the place where the camera buffs were, I wanted to catch a picture of the tall stack of Matson containers that I saw while I was on my way. I was wondering if my jalapeno peppers were in one of those containers and waiting to be delivered to the grocery store.

As it turned out, when I got closer, there was nothing but chain-link fencing in the way… with barbed wire at the top.

Chain-link Fence

Hmmm… maybe I’ll ask if it’s okay to move around the fence to get a clearer picture. I asked and a security guard said, “No, no pictures. Sorry.”

Whatever. Not a big deal. So, I continue on the way out to Ala Moana Blvd. Before I get to Ala Moana Blvd., there’s another little street that looks like it might get me closer after all. Well, there’s another security guard shack so I’m still not going to get as close as I wanted, but, the picture is still better than the first one!

Matson shipping

Oh, oh… another security guard and here he comes. I can hear their radios so I know they’re taking to each other. I don’t remember what he said but it was an inquiry of some kind wanting to know what I wanted or what I was looking for or something like that.

Security guards at their post

At this point I’m getting very irritated and quip back, “This is a public street!? I’m just trying to get a picture of those Matson containers.” Do I have an attitude? You bet! I wasn’t bothering anyone. I just wanted a damn picture. And not even a very interesting one. Sheesh! Why do I even bother? At this point it has now become an issue and I am going to get my picture… whether they like it or not! I’m an American citizen and this is a public street!

I didn’t care at that point. I got my picture and I turned on my heel and walked away, still thinking, “Who do they think they are?!? I can take a picture if I want to take a picture! It’s a public road! Jerks! What have they got to hide anyway? Please!”

So, I continue on to the main drag, Ala Moana Blvd., and I keep looking to see if I can still get an even better shot, just out of spite. Then, as I come around the corner, I suddenly realize just where it was that I was choosing to ignore security. This is where I get a little shaken, get some proverbial egg on my face and the attitude retreats quickly.

Attitude Adjustment 101.? Okay, everybody repeat after me…


Ready? Everybody say, “Ooops!”

Needless to say, I walked sheepishly away after getting this picture. I did mention that I was a little disoriented didn’t I? I had forgotten how close we were to the Federal Building. The Federal Building is right across the street from this Homeland Security place… pretty much. The Federal Building never bothers me. It’s just there. That’s where you get tax forms. Did you know you can get them online now? Am I changing the subject?

Okay, I’m embarrassed and I really do love our Homeland Security people. Honest! I’m laughing at myself now, but, it was not at all a healthy experience for my nervous system. 🙂

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  • 1 Ryan // Jan 7, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    It was great meeting you, finally, at the Flickr meetup! As for your run-in with authority figures? They’re a hallmark of photography, and if anything, a badge of honor for an amateur shutterbug. The web is littered with ridiculous stories of people being chased away from landmarks, public facilities, buildings, and other areas deemed “sensitive” — a designation that is just as often arbitrary as it is reasonable.

    More often than not, it’s not worth the trouble to get into an argument, but I’d also wager that in many cases, the folks who harass you are in the wrong.

    Now that you’re officially a photographer, be sure to carry The Photographer’s Bill of Rights with you!

  • 2 Evelyn // Jan 7, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    Hi Ryan! You’re hilarious! I love it! As I’m typing this I’m listening to my printer print out the second copy of my “rights.” LOL! Arbitrary — perfect word, Ryan!

    Let’s see, the Rights say that one of the exceptions to the free reign for US photographers is that, “commanders of military installations can prohibit photographs of specific areas when they deem it necessary to
    protect national security.”

    Well, they weren’t anywhere near commanders of anything and I still don’t know what they might think a threat to national security. 🙂 I would have been a little more tolerant had I known. But, it wouldn’t have been such a fun and silly story to tell you guys!

    It was great to meet everyone too! I don’t think I could ever be considered anything like a photographer, but it’s fun to share crazy stuff… as long as I don’t end up getting myself arrested! 🙂

  • 3 HawaiiVacationGifts // Jan 8, 2008 at 3:57 am

    The last photo in your post gave me the chills!

  • 4 Evelyn // Jan 8, 2008 at 5:46 am

    Exactly, HVG! That’s exactly what happened. I feels kind of silly but there was a very sick feeling in my stomach when I saw it.

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