Safeway’s Open Nature Sausage and Tortellini Soup

Safeway’s Logo - Ingredients for Life!I had no idea what to do with fresh asparagus.  Safeway’s website helped me and now I can deal with it without blinking, much.  Every once in a while I peak to see what they’re cooking and I found a really cool recipe that looked good.

Back in March I said I was going to try this after the lenten season was over.  It sounded so good and so easy!  It was easy.  It was good.  It was expensive!

I ignored the recommendations made by the person who posted this and followed the recipe just as it appears on the Safeway site.  The only adjustments that I suggest would be to, first of all, add more broth!  If you keep it overnight, it becomes more like a stew than a soup!   Secondly, sprinkle with a lot of shredded parmesan at serving time.  That parmesan makes the soup!

Safeway’s picture of their Italian soup.

Warning: If you’re going to make this lovely Italian soup, you need to watch for sales!  You actually can buy the ingredients that are not necessarily Safeway’s brand!    They were good ingredients, don’t get me wrong, but they add up very quickly.  I was on a mission and should have paid attention to sales and/or aimed for more bargain brands!

I had to be sure I did not mess up any ingredients so I could report on this recipe fairly and accurately.  Between that and my Safeway loyalty issues, I ended up buying the ingredients exactly as they are listed.  It was darn good soup!

Try it!  You tweak it, and then share your tweaks!  Please?  Those tweaks can certainly include smart buying tips.  I am always open to that!

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