What it’s Really All About…

The morning news this morning showed clips of the University of Hawaii Band during the half-time show yesterday. When I heard what they were playing (Over the Rainbow) I almost lost it! I’ll wager that there isn’t one Warrior fan out there that has not wanted to cry, or at least been a little depressed for a while. I felt it very strongly yesterday and I continue to struggle with it today.

Apart from all the drama I’m very proud of our team! They did everything they needed to do, and then some, to get themselves to a BCS game! OMG! That alone is enough to write about. They did it! They were there!

Part of the beauty of the whole thing was that the poor, beleaguered city of New Orleans, that so needed a shot in the arm, got a good shot from Hawaii residents! I know some of those residents may be feeling down about the outlay of cash, but we showed out support for our team and helped another tourist destination in the process!

If there is one thing that needs correcting, it is not the team or their coach. Why do I say such things? Well, let’s see…

June Jones is going to sign his new contract soon, right? What do you mean there is no contract?!? What are you talking about?!?

Talk about being conspicuous by its absence!

Colt got into a little bit of injury trouble yesterday but it worked almost like a passing of the baton to Tyler Graunke who stepped in as he has done a few times this past season. Tyler has himself one hard act to follow but he has already shown himself capable and I’m sure fans can’t wait to see how far the team can go next year!

BCS Prayers

I was reading an article about the game on the sports page at Yahoo! and I noticed something in the right-hand margin. There was a link to this picture and when I saw it I was kind of at a loss for words and almost lost it again.

Here they are — our Ambassadors of Aloha spreading the aloha spirit across the nation.? This team’s spirit is infectious! It’s not just Colt, look at all the white jerseys sharing a moment in prayer with their opponents after the game was over.

This is what it’s really all about! Yes, “dreams really do come true” somewhere over the rainbow, all you have to do is “BELIEVE!”

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  • 1 Rod // Jan 3, 2008 at 1:45 am

    I was so surprised on the outcome of that horrific football game I witness on Monday. It looked as though Hawai’i didn’t belong! But they do have heart I must say. Colt Brennan took a beating and it was NOT HIS FAULT WHATSOEVER!!! It’ll probably hurt him a bit (hopefully not) in the next couple of weeks when the NFL draft begins, because no one will really look at that game for waht it was (where the offensive line could not give him any time whatsoever to do his magic) or look at the past two remarkable seasons he had; breaking numerous College Football records. They’ll only look at that game and say that he couldn’t play with the big boys. But how? How could he get into any groove whatsover when most of the game he was running for his life. Offensive line, WAKE UP!!!! To me Evie, he is one of greatest quarterbacks I have ever seen and will do very, very well in the NFL!! But will one of those teams give him that opportunity, who knows? I do wish him and his remarkable receivers well. Thinking back, if only he had gotten the time to throw the ball, the score I believe, would’ve been in Hawai’i’s favor at the end as I predicted earlier. So NFL owners, scouts, so-called ESPN critics, don’t knock this quarterback, knock his offensive line. They’re the ones that didn’t show up for the game!! Was Georgia that good or was the offensive line and defense still at the buffet line at the Marriot? To me, the only one that came to play was Brennan. And he being truly a class act, took all the blame for their loss. What a quarterback and human being he really is. But I keep thinking if Hawai’i had to do it all over again, the outcome would be much different. As far as June Jones is concerned, he should’ve been signed to a new contract by now. What in the world is in the mind of Athletic Director (putts) Herman Frazier? Doesn’t he realize that June Jones is a hot commodity now. He better sign that coach right now to whatever it’ll take to keep him!! They go 12-1 and to the Sugar Bowl and the coach still doesn’t have a new contract? In my opinion, the University of Hawai’i should FIRE the Athletic Director. GO WARRIORS!!!!

  • 2 Evelyn // Jan 3, 2008 at 6:33 am

    You know Rod, you are not the first person to make that comment about Mr. Frazier. I have heard it a couple of times at work. Between the ticket fiasco and now this… what is he thinking? I think a little more credence needs to be given to the fans too!

    Aside from that, I thought the entire team was hungry for something good to come out of all this and I know they were there to play! I think nerves, overwhelming excitement and a bit of awe may have shaken their ability to focus and really get into their normal groove. It was still a great experience for this group of young men and for the fans! Like one of the announcers said yesterday, “What a ride!”

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